Vocational Education Training (VET)


The frontline of Australia’s response to major global and domestic challenges is its highly developed and extensive vocational education and training sector. This sector is the backbone of its national economy through the development of its workforce as well as being a major export industry.


Australia has a proven track record of developing workplace-specific skills and knowledge programs such as its apprenticeship training schemes and its vocational education and training (VET) initiatives. These skills and training covering a wide range of careers and industries, including trades in the construction industry (building, bricklaying, electrical and plumbing), small business, retail, hospitality and technology. These all stand the country apart with high recognition and respect in the field of Vocational Education and Training.


PEAR Consulting is highly respected in the Australian education sector and for a number of years it has engaged with private providers at the Vocational and Higher Education institution level offering advice in academic compliance with respect to the Skills Regulator, the Australian Skills and Quality Authority (ASQA) and working with institutions in their application for higher education status with the Tertiary Education Quality Standards Agency (TEQSA).


PEAR Consulting Team:


Senior PEAR consultants have solid undertaking and experience in both the Vocational Education and Higher Education sectors, nationally and internationally. PEAR has over 45 years of combined experience and oversight in academic delivery, curriculum development and the development of standards that map content to learning outcomes. Pear Consulting focuses its work on strengthening institutional structures by providing advice and linkages from the Board of Governance through to the Academic Board, Course Advisory Committee and to the Teaching and Learning level. It is this strength that stands PEAR Consulting apart from many, as it has a strong ability to work from ground up, and in great depth, to oversee projects successfully.



Professional Education Academic Requirement (PEAR) operating as Pear Consulting, has a team of quality academics who have over 45 years’ combined experiences in:

  • Managing a Registered Training Organisation in Australia;
  • Delivery of competency based education – particularly in tourism and hospitality;
  • Transitioning students from Vocational Education to Higher Education and into articulated degree programs;
  • Train-the-trainer programs, particularly related to competency based studies;
  • Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) to fast track people to qualifications based on life experience and limited study opportunity;
  • Curriculum development;
  • Development of Functional English language programs;
  • Internal and external audit procedures and quality control;
  • Constructing a robust qualification framework to international standards by developing or acquiring tool boxes for delivery with the appropriate development of tiers within the framework;
  • Create an RPL process than can fast track current employees and small business owners and thus provide recognition of expertise;
  • Train-the-trainer programs that provides graduates with the skills to deliver, mentor and assess CBT programs and in assist in the quality management of ongoing development.