Vision, Mission & Strategy


PEAR Academy Australia seeks to improve the English language proficiency of students, health care professionals, and those seeking to work and live in English speaking western countries so they have a better quality of life..


At PEAR Academy we have the expertise and experience in helping students enhance their English language proficiency so they succeed in passing the required English language tests to gain admittance in their chosen academic fields of study and careers in English speaking western countries.

Our trained PEAR Academy Educators are experts in educating students in the English language and with PEAR Academy’s structured and highly interactive training program, we lead students step by step towards a better understanding and command of the English language.

The value we bring to the community is assist these students in performing better in their roles at work, communicating better with their colleagues and with family and friends socially, so they feel self-confident and secure in their ability to integrate fully into the communities they have chosen to part of.


PEAR Academy Australia seeks to work exclusively through partnerships with reputable educational institutions to embed PEAR Academy’s ‘English for Health Professionals’ program within the institution for the benefit of students.

PEAR Academy will conduct dedicated coaching sessions for students in addition to those offered within the institution so they can obtain extra assistance where needed to successfully pass the mandated English examinations as required by the immigration authorities for visa purposes.

Our Five Promises to Students

1. To train you, keeping in mind your strengths and the areas you need to improve in.
2. To teach you the four fundamental aspects of English language proficiency: Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking.
3. To engage you by using Role-plays, audio and video so you learn in a structured manner to help you pass the required
4. To give you regular and honest feedback so you know how you are tracking towards your goal.
5. To do our very best to ensure you succeed and gain registration in your chosen field.