University Preparation

Is your English holding you back from getting good grades?

PEAR will bridge the gap in your academic English to enhance your education journey. The Academic English coaching is highly interactive and is designed to help undergraduate, postgraduate students and professionals to develop, manage, and integrate socially in the education and professional environment.

The course is designed to develop the necessary language and study skills required for preparing individuals for examination, further enhancing student skills in analysing, responding to and composing a range of texts characteristic of those they will encounter in the specified fields of study. The preparation program will also assist students in their development and understanding of various strategies and styles of learning. Class tasks include writing essays, reading skills such as skimming and scanning, note taking and listening for gist or specific information.

PEAR specialist coaching is contextual and interactive with a strong higher education and industry focus. PEAR’s 5 week curriculum has been designed by industry professionals and higher education academics (PhD graduates) for students to advance in:

  • Improvement in critical, analytical, reflective and strategic thinking and being able to translate these skills to corrective response and overall communications effectiveness
  • Listening Comprehension: Active listening & clarification techniques
  • Reading Efficiency: Information articulation, skimming, scanning & note-taking
  • Academic Writing: Develop reports, essays & white papers fluently and concisely applying correct structure, vocabulary, grammar and punctuation
  • Speaking: Oral presentations, proficient interaction with peers & professionals
  • Research & Referencing, proof reading techniques
  • Ability to conduct presentation on research finding
  • Industry integration, organisational culture & etiquette, employer expectations in respective fields, leadership & self-management
  • Professional presentation & employability skills
  • Interview preparatory techniques