Student Feedback


Purpose/objectives This policy is to ensure consistency across PEAR coaching centre in maintaining Academic excellence in the preparation of IELTS, PTE, OET and Academic English.
Scope/application This policy applies in all aspect of coaching.
Feedback on content and assessment will be taken from students towards the mid and end of the program.
In the case of 10-week program, feedback will be in week 5 and week 10
In the case of 5-week program, feedback will be in week 3 and week 5.
Student feedback form will be uploaded online
Policy statement Students will be assessed in ways that facilitate student learning and against the particular coaching program and learning outcomes

Feedback from current students and Alumni plus industry will be taken in a constructive manner. This will provide PEAR the insight and opportunity to amend, improve and change the content if necessary

Content, Teaching and Learning outcomes will be reviewed and evaluated through the sessions feedback as identified. Any action taken to improve the quality and consistency of assessment will be documented

Supporting documents Feedback form
Assessment Policy
Academic Integrity -Staff and Students
Responsibility for monitoring implementation Coaching staff
(feedback from students and survey)
Status Version 1 – March 2014
Version 2 – October 2015
Version 3 – May 2016
Key stakeholders Students, Pear Coaches
Initiating body or person(s) Approving body Trainers
Contact person

Assessment policy V3 20.05.2016