PTE Academic Preparation

The PTE Academic Preparation Course is based on the main communicative skills of listening, reading, speaking and writing. The PTE Academic subskills are presented in correlation with the PTE Academic requirements such as; note-taking from a lecture, which is included as a writing skill although it is an integrated skill with listening. Speaking subskill of ‘Developing complex ideas within a spoken discourse’, using notes to plan an oral presentation; prioritizing and ranking ideas; showing the connection between main ideas and supporting details; linking ideas with spoken discourse markers; using referencing in spoken discourse to link ideas. As for listening skills, the focus areas are ‘Identifying the topic’ and ‘Identifying supporting points or examples’, as well as ‘Understanding academic vocabulary’ or ‘Inferring the meaning of unfamiliar words’.
PEAR will:

  • Prepare you to distinguish main ideas from details in identifying the topic and to develop the ability to think critically to categorize the information heard or read and be able to draw conclusions
  • Learn the art of predicting the content of listening text and understanding main ideas to predict vocabulary and able to interpret a speaker’s emotions from intonation and word choice
  • Recognise the verbal and non-verbal indicators of importance and build a level of comprehension to explicit, implicit and abstract information
  • Develop skills in writing a summary and paraphrase to summarise and identify opinions. Understand Academic vocabulary as well as general academic words and phrases and learning the meaning of unfamiliar words
  • Help in giving oral presentation and using key phrases. Understand and describe visual material including maps, Pictor-graphs, bar graphs, timelines, charts, pie charts.
  • Help build correct grammar, using words and phrases appropriately to the context and stressing and pausing for emphasis of focus words
  • Enable you to develop Essay writing, learning to structure and be able to show the relevance of supporting points to an argument. To use chronological and sequencing appropriately
  • Building confidence in writing from dictation and learn the art of editing and proofreading written text