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Professional, is your English or OET slowing you down?

PEAR is the first coaching centre to integrate English, OET and the Australian work culture. PEAR’s 5-week interactive program teaches health science professionals the techniques and strategies needed to build confidence, improve OET test results and attain registration. OET specialists will build your English language and OET skills to meet board requirements.

PEAR will bridge the gap in:

  • Professional and academic writing, and referencing for medical documents
  • Listening comprehension and clarification techniques
  • Ÿ Reading efficiency, articulating critical information, skimming and scanning
  • Ÿ Speaking proficiency for clinical competency and overall interaction effectiveness with professionals and patients
  • Ÿ Enhance interpretation, critical, analytical and reflective skills ready for the workplace environment
  • Furthermore, PEAR will improve your practical knowledge of Australian organisational culture, including:
  • Ÿ Employer expectations in Australian healthcare, integration and etiquette
  • Ÿ Professional presentation and employability skills
  • Ÿ Responsibility, self-management and the critical role of the health profession

Professional development in these areas will lead to higher productivity, employer satisfaction, effective industry integration and improved career prospects.

PEAR specialist coaching is highly contextual and interactive with a strong healthcare focus, including role-plays and the frequent application of techniques and strategies. This gives you the opportunity to build confidence and opens the pathway for continual development on your professional journey.