OET for Health Care Professionals

PEAR Academy Australia is well known as a premium preparation center of OET. PEAR Academy Australia is an authorised Test center for OET Cambridge Boxhill in Adelaide Australia

OET is designed to simulating real workplace tasks and testing relevant language skills of the health sector. As a healthcare professional communication is critical to provide better service in Health care. OET tests international health practitioners in 12 professions:

Dentistry Nursing Pharmacy Radiography
Dietetics Occupational Therapy Physiotherapy Speech Pathology
Medicine Optometry Podiatry Veterinary Science

OET results are accepted as proof of English language skills by regulatory healthcare boards and councils, in the UK, Australia, NZ, Ireland, Dubai. With the recent announcement by the UK Nursing and Midwifery Council, will now formally recognise OET for registration from 1 November 2017.

PEAR’s 6-12 week interactive program will teach health science professionals techniques and strategies to build confidence and improve OET test results. PEAR coaching is highly contextual and interactive with a strong healthcare focus, including role-plays and frequent application of techniques and strategies.

PEAR will bridge the gap in:

  • Professional & academic writing & referencing for medical documents
  • Listening comprehension & clarification techniques
  • Reading efficiency, articulating critical information, skimming & scanning
  • Speaking proficiency for clinical competency & overall interaction effectiveness with professionals & patients
  • Enhancing interpretation, critical, analytical and reflective skills ready for the workplace environment
    Further PEAR will improve your practical knowledge of Australian organisational culture, including:
  • Employer expectations in Australian healthcare, integration & etiquette
  • Professional presentation, employability skills
  • Responsibility, self-management & critical role of the health profession
  • You will build your confidence and this will open the pathway for continual development, enhancing your professional journey
  • Professional development in these areas will lead to higher productivity, employer satisfaction, effective industry integration and improved career prospects.