PEAR has been an authorised OET Test Center since 2016

At Equals International – 88 Currie Street Street, Adelaide SA 5000


Is your English slowing you down?

PEAR will bridge the gap in your academic English/OET/IELTS/PTE and enhance your education journey.

The coaching of OET/PTE /IETLS is highly interactive and designed to help university students and professionals develop their vocabulary and language skills, and prepare for the OET/IELTS/PTE test.

Students learn to analyse, respond to and compose a range of texts similar to those encountered in the OET/IELTS/PTE examination, while assisting them in the development and understanding of various strategies and styles of learning. Class tasks include essay writing, improving reading skills such as skimming and scanning, note taking and listening for specific information. Regular practice tests under exam conditions allow students to monitor their progress. For OET our experienced nursing staff conduct role plays, as well as tutoring on the the speaking and writing skills required for case notes.

PEAR’s 5 week curriculum has been designed by industry professionals and higher education academics for students to advance in:

  • Using critical, analytical, reflective and strategic thinking to improve overall communication effectiveness
  • ŸListening Comprehension: Active listening and clarification techniques
  • ŸReading Efficiency: Information articulation, skimming, scanning and note-taking
  • ŸAcademic Writing: Developing reports, essays, fluent white papers, correct structure, vocabulary, grammar and punctuation
  • ŸSpeaking: Oral presentations, proficient interaction with peers and professionals
  • ŸOET and IELTS examination preparation, techniques and simulation
  • ŸResearch and referencing, proof reading assignment
  • An understanding of the test techniques of OET/IELTS/PTE

Further, PEAR will prepare you for industry transition and career development in:

  • Ÿ Industry integration, organisational culture and etiquette, employer expectations in respective fields, leadership and self-management
  • Ÿ Professional presentation and employability skills
  • Ÿ Interview preparatory techniques

Development and competency in these areas will lead to improved grades in OET / IELTS and PTE test results, and enhanced career prospects.

PEAR specialist coaching is contextual and interactive with a strong higher education and industry focus. We place a strong emphasis on the frequent application of learned techniques and strategies in speaking, listening, reading and writing. This helps you achieve continual development on your educational and professional journey.