Higher Education (HE)

The frontline of Australia’s response to major global and domestic challenges is its highly developed and extensive Higher education and Research sector. This sector is the backbone of its national economy through the development of its workforce as well as being a major export industry. Australia’s proven track record of developing work-based programs, covering a wide range of careers and industries, has enabled graduates to be quickly employed upon graduation.

The international education industry is Australia’s fourth largest export industry contributing billions to the Australian economy. Among Australia’s top eight exports, education is the only export that depicts Australia as being more than `a quarry with a view’. Over the years the Australian education platform has changed in the competing world and today is highly racked and regarded

PEAR Academy parent organisation VETPRO Consulting is highly respected in the Australian Higher Education sector and for a number of years, it has engaged with private providers offering advice on academic programs, organisational structure, and compliance to academic integrity standards and benchmarking, meeting the requirements of the HE regulator, the Tertiary Education Quality Standards Agency (TEQSA).


PEAR Consulting Team

PEAR consultants have solid undertaking and experience in the Higher Education sector, spanning of over 45 years of combined experience in 1st and 2nd tier universities. Pear consulting recent project has been in developing and strengthening of institutional structures and to provide advice and linkages from the Board of Governance level to the Academic Board, Course Advisory Committee and Teaching and Learning unit. It is this strength that stands PEAR Consulting apart from many, as it has a strong ability to work from ground up, and in great depth, to oversee projects successfully.


PEAR consultants have an extensive depth in the following:

  • Experience in Lecturing at quality universities at Masters and Bachelor Degree programs;
  • Supervising research;
  • Expertise in the development of course content and programs;
  • Involvement at the university level in creating assessment matrices and Rubric marking
  • Guiding assessment mapping from organisational attributes to student outcomes and course outcomes;
  • Writing curriculum and creating Moodle platform structure;
  • Experience as being Academic Board members with responsibility of overseeing and ensuring academic delivery standards;
  • Having responsibility within the framework established by the Board of Governance; to oversee the quality assurance of academic work, structure, integrity.
  • Providing guidance and input into the formal application process to TEQSA for the establishment of a HE institution.