Parent policy title Path to Benchmarking Policy.
Associated documents Academic Integrity
Student feedback
Preamble PEAR Preparation Centre will strive for continuous development through benchmarking, identifying key practices, elements, structures and standards in order to create long term sustainability and to achieve:
• academic integrity;
• academic accountability;
• programme quality;
• overall credibility and the profile of the Coaching Centre as a provider of quality training.
General All programs to be reviewed on annually taking into consideration students and industry feedback.
1.Teaching and Learning It is vital for students/professionals are equipped with the skills, knowledge and experience that will enable them to make a positive impact and contribution to their objective and to the society. PEAR coaching centre clearly has an important role to play in ensuring their students experience an education that maximises their opportunities to develop such a skill set by creating learning experiences that provide opportunities to attain their English test results, professional registration and visa
2.Student Engagement PEAR considers students as future change agents given they will interact with the wider society where their learning from university will continue to be felt. The importance of English language proficiency for students, migrants and professionals is a necessity therefore it is important to be equipped with the skills and knowledge of the work culture to make positive contributions to sustainability throughout their lives.
3.Partnership and Engagement Business and Industry interface The nature of relationships between business and industry and universities can be an important measure of social responsibility: the extent to which all parties commit to working together in ways that also benefit the wider society.

PEAR has been working with reputed RTO (Registered Training Organisations) in also delivering the coaching program as a professional develop integration.

4.Community Engagement PEAR engagement with the community has been ongoing whereby many professional coaches at PEAR are industry based. This helps PEAR develop and revised the content on a regular basis focusing on student and industry gaps.
5.Good Practice Criteria • Action Planning;
• Stakeholder Engagement;
• Measurement;
• Communication;
• Training and Support;
• Implementation;
• Links to the Curriculum.
Responsible for engagement and monitoring Standards Committee
Key Stakeholders Standards Committee
PEAR Manager
Initiating Body Standards Committee
Status Version 1 – March 2014
Version 2 – October 2015
Version 3 – May 2016
Contact person or area info@pear.acdemy

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