Academic Integrity


Purpose/objectives Academic integrity is a fundamental principle in teaching and learning. This policy reflects PEAR’s intent to promote academic integrity among its staff and students.
The promotion and assurance of academic integrity is a shared responsibility for all staff and students. The Coaching Centre requires its staff and students to observe the highest ethical standards in all aspects of coaching in class and out of session work
Scope/application All students undertaking preparation course
PEAR coaching centre coaching champions
To encourage trainers to reflect on contemporary learning and teaching practices and to understand the cross cultural understanding of PEAR’s diverse group of students. Ultimately to provide a clear framework for making coordinated decisions in relation to the enhancement of learning and teaching.
Policy statement Academic integrity coaching is integral to the learning experience at PEAR. All students will be educated in academic integrity in ways that appropriately take into consideration students’ diverse educational and cultural backgrounds.
Supporting documents Assessment Policy
Academic Integrity Websites – Staff and Students
Academic Integrity – Student Declaration Form
Responsibility for implementation The Coaching Staff
Responsibility for monitoring implementation Standards Committee
Status Version 1 – March 2014
Version 2 – October 2015
Version 3 – May 2016
Key stakeholders All Colleges, staff and students of IIBIT Australian Graduate School
Initiating body or person(s) Approving body Academic trainers
Academic Manager
Contact person

Assessment policy V3 20.05.2016