Bridge the gap in soft skills and Employability

PEAR aims to make the acquisition of knowledge cost-effective, efficient and appealing;  thus enabling learners to get the most out of the program and also aids  in  unlocking  their potential for future prospects. Coaching is highly interactive and learner-centered; sessions are contextualized and tailored for each group. PEAR’ objective is to prepare students for International studies.

Feedback from higher education academia, industry sectors, multicultural groups and international students laid the foundation for the development of course content. Our team of specialists collaborated to create programs based on the optimum methods of instruction and delivery to meet the individual needs.

The demand of  English proficiency in IETLS/PTE/TOFEL or OET and the ability to meet the needs and understanding of the western countries’ social and education  requirements; led to a comprehensive research and program development by PEAR specialists.

PEAR coaching will:

  • Prepare you for , IELTS/PTE/TOFEL or OET test
  • Lead to graduation success
  • Increase productivity and performance
  • Heighten professional development & career prospects
  • Help you to achieve your objective of obtaining registration and visa